A Positive Place For Kids!
Right here in Central Illinois. Updates about programming at the Boys & Girls Club of Pekin.
A Positive Place for Kids!
Updates about programming at the Boys & Girls Club of Pekin.
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Welcome to Boys and Girls Club Pekin

We are slowly offering more programs after the Governer’s restrictions in Illinois.  Take a look at our upcoming events to learn more.  

Awesome Teachers
After School Programs
Student Services

What is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pekin, Illinois?

The Boys and Girls Club of Pekin, Illinois utilizes various programs from sports to financial and science based learning to assist children in furthering their education and becoming the best version of themselves as they grow older.

Be A Club Champion
For a small donation each month, you can impact youth in need in the Pekin area. This donation will inspire and empower the youth of the Pekin area by covering things like warm meals, STEM experiments, and more.

Virtual Programming
Child safety is the #1 priority for Boys and Girls Clubs of Pekin, Illinois. Some programs are better handled in a virtual capacity to ensure the safety of the youth who may utilize them. We are now offering virtual programming for various opportunities for the youth of Pekin, Illinois.

Recent News

Here is some information about our sponsors, our classes and upcoming and past events!